Kupi Auto

Site for the car selection

Development: allc & Za Rulem
Customer: Za Rulem
Date: 2013

Kupi Auto (translation from Russian — buy a car) is online project of the publishing house Za Rulem (automobile magazine) for the search and selection of cars.
On the home page, in addition to the search of car, placed useful thematic news, articles and tools

The filter of search includes basic required parameters of select the appropriate car. User can save search parameters, select and compare several models and brands, add an ad to sell a car.
Search for new cars from dealers

Selection and search for used cars

Comparison of the average cost of car


Ranking table sales of different models with the ability to keep track of the schedule change in the price of the chosen model for the time

Rating of the most frequently stolen models for Russians regions and Russia as a whole


Sponsored widgets search cars for placement on other sites
New and used cars