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Date: 2013

Za Rulem (translation from Russian — behind the wheel) is  the oldest Russian magazine dedicated automotive topics.
The printed version of the magazine is published every month since 1928.
During the long years of the Za Rulem edition had amassed a huge amount of useful thematic information, which is replenished daily news, articles and other thematic resources.
The portal includes news, articles, sorted by the clusters, the opinions of experts, the opportunity to discuss the information with other readers interaction with social networks, additional projects.
The main task was to collect the numerous projects and services portal, making at the same time, the resource is more convenient, easy and intuitive to users.
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The search by section can filtered by type of information, time, make and model

For more convenient use considering the large amount of available information on the site, turning of pages designed as a media player

Calendar includes historical events and developments taking place in our time.
In addition to the events list, at section have all the necessary information about event: the date and location of holding, the opportunity to buy tickets to the event, airline tickets, hotel booking, discuss the event with other users, read the reviews and opinions.
Section provides for extensive use of their resources for advertisers

Current events can be branded by the advertiser.
Events are displayed in a calendar grid

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Calendar grid of historical events

Event’s page with all the necessary information and useful resources for the upcoming event

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